57 Heaven : Most beautiful vehicle showplace for 1957

57 Heaven is owned by Glenn Patch. Here you will find the world’s largest single collection of 1957 cars, station wagons, trucks and memorabilia. Currently housed in a giant warehouse in Arizona, the collection is soon to be moved to a new 40,000 square foot facility in Palm Springs, California.

At’57 Heaven you will find the most beautiful vehicle showplace for 1957 ever assembled. See all the familiar ’57s like the Chevy Bel-Air convertible, Corvette and two-seater Thunderbird. Also, the collection holds gorgeous examples of Imperials, Fords, Lincolns, Cadillacs, Buicks, Olds, Pontiacs and Packards of 1957. Every Mopar for ’57 is represented including hardtop and convertible models in superb original paint schemes. Don’t forget Hudsons, Mercury’s famous Land Cruisers, the tiny Nash Metropolitan and unique Studebaker Golden Hawk. Extreme rarities in the collection include not one, but two ’57 El Morocos, the Detroit production car that is half Cadillac and half Chevy and even Chrysler’s Ghia!


For pickup truck fans, the collection includes mint condition Fords, Mercurys, Chevys, Dodges, Internationals, GMCs and Studebakers. We hope you enjoy browsing the site and thank you for visiting.


We are opening a museum and 50s diner in Palm Springs, California in 2002 and we’re expanding the collection to include, motorcycles, scooters & memorabilia. Visitors will be able to reminisce about their collectible cars and discuss their models maintenance, value and other aspects of owning a collectible like getting the best car insurance quotes for such unique models. All our cars will be on display for the public to see and enjoy.


In 1957 when automobile designers were artists before they became scientists, and automobile lines were about style rather than aerodynamics, some of the world’s finest examples of true automotive art came to life.

At the new ’57 Heaven Museum in Branson Missouri, you can walk down memory lane through this unparalleled collection of the finest examples of American made steel, all from the year 1957.


Comprised of over 70 cars, the collection is the brainchild of Glenn E. Patch, a media entrepreneur who has combined his love for classic automobiles with a comprehensive collection of 50’s rolling sculpture that preserves and honors the era. Complementing the classic automobile museum are period exhibits of an authentic 1950’s kitchen, living room and other examples of the roaring 50’s lifestyle exhibits, all reconstructed in settings that capture the mood and spirit of the period. The museum features a children’s’ room with an authentic display of hundreds of children’s toys from the 50’s and a gift shop with thousands of unique souvenirs and collectibles. Continue reading “57 Heaven : Most beautiful vehicle showplace for 1957”